10 Ways To Keep Your WhatsApp Group Interesting

WhatsApp groups are very common nowadays. Everybody has one or more WhatApp groups so that they can keep in touch with their friends, organize a holiday or an event, and some groups are based on study and general knowledge purposes where you can learn many things. Many people create a WhatsApp group but they fail to keep it more interesting and fun because they don’t know how to manage a group and in this way, WhatsApp groups can be super boring sometimes. Every admin wants to keep his group active and interesting, but it takes a lot.

Today we will talk about that how we can keep our WhatsApp group interesting so that the members don’t get bored and enjoy being in the group. Here are some steps that will make your WhatsApp group active, interesting, and fun. Or you can also join interesting WhatsApp groups from here.

1. One Admin

According to my experience the first principle to make your WhatsApp group more interesting that it should have only one admin. Because if any of the two admins are not in agreement, it will affect the chatting of everyone and will cause people to leave the group. To make your group interesting make sure that it has only one admin as you might have heard that ‘two captains can’t sail a ship’.

2. Don’t be noisy

An interesting group doesn’t mean that it would be noisy and will have hundreds of messages at a time. A WhatsApp group can be more interesting with a handful of messages in one day.

3. Interact with each other

Always find ways to interact with the group members. If possible ask questions about personal lives and try to share happy and sad stories of your lives. This will help other members to open up and start talking without any hesitation. This is one of the best ways to keep your WhatsApp group more interesting.

4. Spend less time in the group

As we know that today’s world is very busy and people have many other things to do. So you can’t keep them hooked in your group for hours. Always try to chat and text at a particular time so that the members are free and have time to respond. Don’t bother them by sending messages every time, if you do so they’ll leave the group by considering it a boring one.

5. Best time to chat

The best time to chat in a WhatsApp group is the evening time and before going to bed. Because in that time people often seek for something relaxing so that they can sleep easily and forget about the life’s burden.

6. Ask Questions

When there is nothing to say, ask questions from your group members. And try to ask those questions that are broad and also easy to understand because most people are not intelligent. Avoid those questions that have specific answers.

For example, if you ask someone that what subject do you study? If he is studying Psychology, he will simply answer that I study Psychology.

But instead, if you ask what subject do you study and how do you find studying it? So he will not only answer that he studies Psychology but also will describe his experiences and opinions about Psychology.

So these kinds of questions will open up your group members to talk and you will be able to make your WhatsApp group interesting and fun.

1. Don’t Spam

Don’t send too long messages in the group because people often avoid reading them. Try to send short messages instead.

2. Remove Bad People

If someone’s attitude has made other members leave the group then it’s better to remove him. This decision might be hard for you but losing one bad person is better than losing several members.

3. Members Keep the Group Interesting

It requires more than one person to keep a group interesting and active. Without a team of supportive members, only the admin won’t be able to keep a WhatsApp group interesting as you also have heard that it takes two to make a quarrel. The members have the most important role in keeping the WhatsApp group active.

4. Percentage of Active Participants

If there is a small percentage of the members that do most of the talking, then the group is not an interesting one no matter if how many messages it gets. How active and interesting a WhatsApp group depends upon the percentage of the members that take part in the group activities. You should have enough members that contribute to the group activities.


There are also many other ways that you can use to make your WhatsApp group interesting, but the ones we discussed above are more than enough for that purpose. To make your WhatsApp group interesting you don’t need to follow all of them, but at least you should follow some.

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