Proven Ecommerce Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

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A popular blog starts with engaging and useful content. Yet, if you want to drive much traffic,  it is not enough to only publish posts on your own website. In this article, I will tell you about the most effective strategies boosting the popularity of your blog. With them, you will be able to take your site to the next level. 

  1. Focus on high-quality content 

Before you start promoting a blog, check if your articles are interesting for the target audience. For instance, the main clients of the online custom essay writing service company shinyessays are students; so professional tips on how to cope with a college assignment or an academic paper are regularly posted on the website of this agency.  

Here are the most crucial requirements for your texts:

  • written by a native English speaker,
  • valuable content from the reader’s perspective,
  • adequate search engine optimization (the stories must be readable without too many SEO words),
  • perfect grammar,
  • internal links to increase visitors’ time spent on the site,
  • pleasant design (including high-resolution images and videos).

Blog content is a good starting point for the next e-commerce strategies. You can share it on social media, take its ideas for emails, use as a base for guest posting, etc. 

  1. Social media

You can use social media accounts to place links to blog posts. You never wrong if you opt for the most popular networks, such as Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram. 

Meanwhile, consider the peculiarities of your product, the age of your audience, and the purposes of your e-commerce strategy. 

If you promote visual content, consider Instagram and Pinterest; YouTube is perfect for videos. Are 280 characters enough for you to express thoughts? Register on Twitter and try to compel people to follow your blog’s link using these short messages. For those who build B2B relations, I would recommend LinkedIn. 

  1. Email marketing strategy

Offer blog readers to become your subscribers. If your content is rich in fresh ideas, they will appreciate this opportunity. Emails help people to stay in touch with your company and not to miss your useful information. The statistics say, every month nearly seventy million posts are published. And this figure is only about the WordPress platform. Do not let your audience get lost in the great variety of blogs and forget about your website. Remind them of your blog by sending well-considered emails. 

Today, one can find convenient automated tools for email marketing: ManyChat, HubSpot Marketing Automation, SendinBlue, Omnisend, etc. They simplify the process of writing and sending emails. 

  1. Win-win quest posting

You can get links to your blog articles from guest posts. The only problem is to find reliable websites that agree to publish your content and allow you to put backlinks. The process of searching for them is long and tedious, yet it is worth it. 

Google websites offering such services. The easiest way to do it is to type “your keyword inurl:/write for us” in a search bar, and you will get thousands of results. Imagine that you need to find guest posting platforms for promoting your English school. So your request is “English school inurl:/write for us.”

If you need more results, search for blogging resources in related fields. Websites specializing in academic writing service, essays editing, or college papers assistance can accept guest posts on your topic. 

  1. Quora 

Online marketing experts say that Quora will become the leader among other analogous platforms in the nearest future. 

A convenient “question-answer” format has already won its popularity. Specialists of often use it to get fast answers to any questions. 

This website is interactive; you can vote and comment on messages. Taking part in its discussions, you get an opportunity to place backlinks to your blog. Try to give informative answers, provide solid arguments, describe bright cases from your life, etc. Quora is a free resource, yet your replies can be deleted if they are not relevant and sound like direct advertising.

This is how I use Quora for online promotion:

  • create a profile as an expert in a particular field,
  • choose topics relevant to my business,
  • answer questions when I know the right answer (and give backlinks to my blog and helpful resources).

By doing so, I build a reputation of a true expert and attract users to read more tips on my blog. 

  1. Paid advertising

One can order an ad on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) or buy Google, Bing, or Amazon Ads. These instruments bring good results, yet you need to know how to use them. 

  1. The power of influencers (excerpt from my essay on e-commerce)

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I would like to highlight the popularity of influencer marketing. Over the last five years, it has become an effective strategy for the promotion of beauty products, clothes, shoes, eco-friendly goods, gadgets, design services, etc. So if your blog is about the above products, think about adding this method to your advertising campaign. 

For a certain amount of money, a famous person can mention your blog in his/her own posts, tell about your brand in the video, post a picture recommending to visit your website.

This strategy is not restricted to work with leading blog writers, fashion models, sportsmen, celebrities, etc. In fact, micro and nano influencers are rather helpful for promoting your blog too. The number of subscribers is not the only factor determining the effectiveness of the influencer strategy. The ability to make an impact on the target audience comes to the fore. 

So, one can search for less known specialists and bloggers who look and sound convincing. Users tend to trust people who have expert knowledge in a particular field. The main thing is to find specialists in your sphere. 

The bottom line

Well-considered e-commerce strategies help you to grow the blog. You are free to focus on one or choose several methods of promotion. It is up to your business goals, budget, and the time you are ready to spend on these projects.  

I can tell from my experience that the best effect is achieved from the combination of more than two online instruments. It is all about the synergistic effect. This is how it works: you create high-quality blog content and invite users to read it via backlinks from your social media accounts and other resources (guest blogs, forums, question and answer platforms). If you need the fastest results, leverage paid Internet advertising. However, the above strategies work worse when used separately. Say, your blog is not useful and offers nothing interesting to the reader. What is the point of investing in its promotion then? Users coming to read content will be disappointed and can even leave negative feedback. And, on the contrary, you risk becoming the only reader of your articles if you tell nobody about them. 

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